This is your bedroom. It is full of puzzles, books on your favorite subjects, mathematics, brain teasers, fantasy novels, riddles, and puzzles. The window opens to a fantasy world that is nonsensical but full of whimsy. It is unclear which planet you inhabit, but it is not earth. It's also always night time. Sometimes when you venture outside to the endless plains of checkerboards, clocks and various surreal objects, you stumble across what appears to be ruins of large parthenons and greek acropolises.
Your cat, Aristotle, grazes your legs leisurely. You love spending long periods of time here with only your books and your imagination. The table is usually set for one, one who usually takes eons to finish meals and teas while solving a particularly hard riddle or puzzling over a proof. There is no concept of time here. Despite there being a bed, you are never really tired; you sleep mainly for pleasure. This place is suspended in a limbo-like existence. You spend your time studying, daydreaming and exploring ruins. You are really, really happy.